End of every Year is the Beginning of next Year, and the significance of this serves as a constant reminder of a very great truth.

The End of year is an opportunity to look back at the deeds of individuals and an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of not repeating negative, harmful and meaningless actions. Every New Year can be a wonderful opportunity to resolve not to repeat the same. On the other hand , if an individual has performed more positive things which might have contributed benefit to others and to the world, then you should rejoice that merit and should dedicate it for every sentient being for Peace and ultimately for limitless liberation.

Every New Year is also an important occasion and it is the time that we should generate a pure mind and takes a serious commitment for the coming year to generate more positive, compassionate, meaningful and beneficial intentions and actions for every sentient being to bring this world into a better condition with more harmony then past years.

May every one have healthy spirit, healthy body with great positive success!

May every Universe including this world have healthy environment!

May every sentient being become a recipient of blessing from every enlightened being to benefit every sentient being for their achievement of Ultimate and Limitless Peace!

With Sincere Prayers

The Twelfth Kenting Tai Situpa
The Head of the Palpung Monastic Congregation of the Vajrayana Buddhism

2008 New Photos of Kenting Tai Situpa