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Activity Date: 2019/1/1, Released date2019/01/01

2019 New Year Greetings and blessings by Guru Vajradhara the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

Greetings for New Year 2019!

When we celebrate New Year

it will be meaningful,

if we reflect back into our past year.

And this way, then we can

make our coming year

more productive, more meaningful, more happy positive year.

That is the purpose of life, actually.

We are here to progress, to be a better person,

to make this community of ours,

this neighborhood of ours better.

So this way, then country to country, continent to continent,

then our entire world will be a better place.

Of course, not overnight.

But we, as an individual person,

can make a contribution.

How small it is, that's OK.

Because a big entity like sun,

the biggest entity in our solar system,

it is actually made out of atoms.

So even our contribution is small,

it will play an important role for the future of humanity,

future of life on Earth, and life in the space.

And now, come back to our small life,

this life, may you have a healthy life,

Healthy year! And happy year!

And joyful and full of blessing!

So as a Buddhist,

I say to you: Happy New Year!

And: Buddha bless you!

But following the teaching of Buddha,

then I must say to you,

whatever you believe in, that bless you.

And even some people say

that they are not believing in any religion.

That is absolutely fine.

But I am sure that they believe in love,

they believe in kindness,

they believe in truth, I am sure.

So that bless you.

All the best for year 2019!


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