Main Rinpoches now residing at Palpung monastery are all very young. So, most of the common ceremonies and affair are arranged by the Vajra master Lama Tsering Dhondup and general secretary Lama Agan.

Every monk have three months holiday after the Guru Padmasambhava practice. During the holiday, only staffs and monks who take charge of shrine hall have to stay at monastery.
Remarks: date and month refer to Kalachakra Calendar

Date The Time and the Puja and Pratice
5 6:00 AM: Elaborate 16 Arhats puja
8 6:00 AM: Elaborate tara puja.
1:30 PM: Morning: Red Avalokiteshvara puja
10 6:00 AM: Guru Rinpoche puja
1:30 PM: Vajra Yogini puja
14 6:00 AM: Amitaus nine deites puja
15 6:00 AM: Posadha (so jong) and Buddha Vairochana's elaborate puja
25 6:00 AM: Gendapa's five deites Chakrasamvara puja system
28 6:00 AM: Long-life Dakinis puja and puja of the protector Sukhavati
29 6:00 AM: Mahakala puja (burning all evils)
30 6:00 AM: Posadha (so Jong) and Akshobya puja

MonthDateThe Puja and Pratice
1 6 Great aspiration prayer (Palpung Monlam Chenmo)at Main Shrine hall, Elaborate Tara puja at 8th Tai Situpa's relic stupa shrine hall, Pema Vajra puja at treasure shrine hall etc.
14 Kagyu Gurtso (The sound by the Milarepa) gathering only retreat Lamas and sing the songs overnight
15 Marpa's parinirvana day and VajraYogini prayer
2 5 11 days Vajrasattva practice, Once in three years Kagye practice, at the same day Phurpa Dorje practice and Long life puja in separate shrine hall
21 10.5 days Kalachakra prayer on the day of the 8th Kenting Tai Situpa's paranirvana day at relic shrine hall
25 5 days Red Avalokiteshvara practice on the 13th Karmapa and 14th Karmapas parinirvana day, at the same day Tendrel Dechok puja at the Lasar shrine hall
3 1 5 days White tara prayer of Jonang
7 5 days Shetro prayer (peaceful and anger prayer)
13 8.5 days Padma Vajra prayer
22 9 days Yeshi Rab Bar Paryer at the Kagyur shrine hall
24 7 days Naga Torma, Naga prayer only by retreat Lamas
25 5 days Clear Dharmacarya puja
4 4 11 days Secret red Avalokiteshvara practice, at the same day separate shrine hall Vajrasatva, Vajrakilaya, Shung sang, Long life puja, Tsadrup and Torma etc
16 10.5 Buddha Vairochana's practice at Lasar shrine hall only by retreat Lama
18 8.5 days Vajra Yogini practice
26 8.5 days Gendapa's five deites Chakrasamvara practice
5 4 7 days Hei Vajra practice on the day of 9th Tai Situ parinirvana day, at the same day Secret red Avalokiteshvara prayer at Lasar shrine hall and Mahamaya prayer at relic stupa shrine hall
15 Universal fire offering puja.
18 8.5 days Four armed red Avalokiteshvara practice
25 Sand Mandala proportions, local deities puja and hanging the wind-horse
26 5 days Akshobya puja
6 1 10 days The 8th chapter of the Guru Pema Sambava practice (Palpung Tsechu Chenmo)
5 The five ritual Lama dance
8 The eight ritual Lama dance
9 The nine ritual Lama dance
10 Whole Guru Padmasambava Lama dance with masks
15 45 days Varsika (Summer retreat)
8 21 11 days Rantalingpa Vajrakilaya practice and same day in another shrine hall Vajrasatva practice and Wal doe.
9 21 11 days Mahakala practice (Parbu)
22 2 days Avalokiteshvara pratice and fasting
Unknown Date During the winter solstice in the Dorje Drollo's shrine hall offerings to Dorje Drollo for averting epidemics and Tse dak Dokpa at Tro Chu shrine hall
11 14 Amitaus Nine deities puja
19 5 days Choeling Vajrakilaya puja
22 10 days Dorje Dorllo Wrathful Padmasambhava puja at the Dorje drollo shrine hall by only retreat Lamas
12 3 7 days Four armed red Avalokiteshvara prayer on the day of Situ Pema Kunsang and Situ Pema Wangchok Gyalpos' parinirvana days
22 10 days Mahakala practice
28 Mahakala Ritual Lama dance without masks
29 Mahakala Ritual Lama Dance with masks and Fire puja
1 1 Local deities smoke puja and Celebrate the Kalachakra Calendar New Year