Palpung monastery was located in Derge in Kham. In the west of Palpung monastery, it is very close to the headstream of Jinsha River. In the north, it is easy to reach Qinghai Province while in the south it is not far from Yunnan Province either. Approximately a total of nine hundred kilometers was away from Palpung monastery to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, China.

Usually for foreigners they go to Palpung monastery from Chengdu, although there are some alternatives. The airport of Chengdu is in the satellite city Shuang Liou; from the airport to downtown area is a thirty minutes drive.

Despite Chengdu is an ancient capital; its transportation network is quite well developed. The usual route from Chendu to Palpung monastery is through Kangding. There is a high way connecting the road between Chendu and Ya-an. The total distance from Chendu to Kangding is about three hundred kilometers.

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